University of Dubuque's 
Black Student Union

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The University of Dubuque Black Student Union is an organization whose aim is to:

  1. Promote awareness, understanding, and appreciation of diversity of all of God’s children in accordance with the University of Dubuque and Presbyterian Mission (p.10 Student Handbook) with an emphasis on Subsection (4). 

  1. Provide an outlet for all minorities on campus to discuss and confront issues that we face attending a Presbyterian academic institution.

  1. Provide a network of support and fellowship while observing all cultural heritage celebrations.

  1. Encourage the growth and development of each member through intellectual discussions, professional development opportunities, leadership exercises, and University and other activities.

  1. Create well-rounded culturally-sound ambassadors of the University of Dubuque with events and programming offerings.

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We are one
Maze (Mastercuts 80's Love Anthems)

We are the Black Student Union

we come from a people with strength, courage and prestige

We are our brother’s and our sister’s keeper

We aim to learn from our yesterdays and look forward to better tomorrows

We stand on the shoulders of giants

For this reason we work hard and dwell not in our sorrows

We aim for academic and personal success

And refuse to accept anything less

We are proud of our stories

We are proud of our heritage

We are proud and ready to share

We are the Black Student Union